November 14, 2009

A dream of Digital Bangladesh

In modern age modern technology can be a big tools or weapon to make a list develop country to a develop country. They should think or apply technology everywhere. Its not only in the town for the educated person. It should implement in rural areas. For example the economy of Bangladesh rely on agriculture, where the eighty percent of the people lives in village and closely related to the farming. So they should think to develop their farming technology. Look up the developed countries. They made a vars change of production by taking hybrid seeds. They made a good hybrid seeds to plantation and get an effective production to meet their food demand. Even after meeting their demand existing foods exporting to other food crisis countries. For example Australia and America are one of them.

One of the major problem to implement the idea in true is that the land resource is divided in to many owners. So if one take any action against this he can make any change. So they should co-operative initiative to make a great change in society.

Government can make information center to the community. This information center will for all of the general people. for any kind of information like agriculture, education, health, communication etc can get easily from there. Not only this the government should advertise or to motivate people to get this service.

Look up on education sector. Technology can make an effective change on it. Government should provide information technology door to door. That's may be a question arise how? Education Bord should follow a policy so that from the childhood the children be engaged with the information technology. Such as to describe a mountain a teacher can use video photage to make it real and so informative.