October 17, 2009

Traffic Jam In Dhaka City:

Now a days Traffic in Dhaka city is unbearable. General people are suffering a lot. The Population is increasing day by day. Village people are coming to Dhaka from different districts of our Country. They are coming to Dhaka for getting standard living facility. But they don't know they are making a bad thing to future of mega city Dhaka.

The population of Dhaka city is increasing as well as vehicles are also increasing to meet the peoples travel demand. But the problem is traffic. Problem in master plan of mega city Dhaka. Because there is not enough space to expand the narrow roads. On the other hand people do not carry on the law of the traffic. They do not use foot over bridge, traffic signal etc. They do whatever their mind says.

To remove this unbearable situation the government should take necessary steps. The govment can take the following steps to solve it.

1. Make rail in every street in Dhaka. not in land level should duplex.
2. Abide people to follow the rules.
3. Make some strategic change of tracks of vehicle.
4. Make availability of local service.
5. Import Good quality for long duration service.
6. Strictly monitor traffic police to apply the legal rules.

So I think if our government take those steps then we hope we can get a resolution.

Thanks Every one.